Homework Week 2



  • Read 20 min each night.

Build a cubby:

  • Build a cubby house using items you already have at home.
  • Take a photo and post it onto our classroom blog.
  • Remember to first ask your parents for permission to use items.

Here is a photo of the cubby house I made.

IMG_0235 (2)



Click on the link.

Press the play button to hear the message.

Maths: Addition

This week we learned all about addition. This video will help if you find it difficult to do.

Did you find this video helpful?



  • Read 20 min each night

Watch video clip & complete poll:

Final results will be discussed in the classroom.


I would like to welcome everyone to a fun and exciting year 4.

Some reminders:

  • Homework is given out on Mondays and is due back on Fridays.
  • No hat no play.
  • Lunch orders are done online.

Classroom Schedule:

  • Fruit break is at 9:30
  • Recess is at 11:00
  • Lunch time is at 12:30

Specialist classes:

  • Sport is on Mondays. Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Library is on Wednesdays. Bring library book & bag.
  • Music is on Thursdays. Bring music instrument.


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